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Any support want to help me?

hey! i dont know if its a bug or if im stupid , the quest " Monolith: Fall of the Outcasts" i cant complete it i have done it 3 times now and i get to the boss and kill it and get the blessing and when i go out of there it shows me to do it again and the quest is not complete.
On the quest i says that the “discover the timelive conduit” is complete and the " Conquer the timelie’s quest echoes " but not the " Discover the reamining braches of the timeline"

any 1 else got this ?

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Yeah I have this too, I’ve been having this problem with all of the timelines

any support help u or msg u at all ?

Unfortunately not yet, but I did get past one of the timelines just by completing all 3 quest echoes. Which is strange because I’ve completed them before but it did nothing. But the second quest you do for whichever timeline should give you the option to unlock the next timeline.

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