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Any recent information about releasing the OST somewhere?

Hello! :slight_smile:

I absolutely love the boss fight tracks. Well, I love all soundtracks in LE, but the boss themes take the cake for me. I’ve found myself looking forward to timeline boss fights, not even for the loot or progression, but sometimes for the boss track alone.

A month or so ago, I was pleased to read a comment by Sarno on a reddit post saying EHG could consider uploading the new tracks on Youtube, or adding a WIP soundtrack to the LE website. I was wondering if there had been any new info on that that I might have missed, like in a dev stream. And, if not, could maybe EHG give us melomaniacs an update on that? ^-^

Have a nice day!

Check out the official LE YouTube channel. There are some tracks you can already hear.

Currently the OST is a EA reward. I’m not sure if this will be accessible to the buyers at/after release, too. But considering this, they should not put out all the Tracks for free. Else, if the OST us free and available for everybody, it should be not presented as a reward for buying.

You can see in the post I linked that Sarno said they would consider it, I am simply asking if there has been any news since then. :slight_smile: For instance, uploading some tracks but making them available at a higher resolution as a reward, or leaving some out, wouldn’t make the reward less… well, rewarding. Having them all in one place would also be very handy. Furthermore, making them available as download on their own website would make it possible to have them downloadable only if you have the game.

As for the tracks already on their channel, I am aware of their existence, but none of the newer ones, like the boss tracks I mentioned.

it seems likely to me that they’d wait until release when the OST is finalized before releasing a package as a reward. and i see no reason to remove it from future support packs, or not making it available as a separate purchase on steam (as a lot of games do these days).

releasing it for free might ruffle some feathers, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing. as someone who has never purchased or sat down to listen to a game soundtrack (out of the context of the game, obviously) i don’t have a strong feeling about it, but i can imagine some collectors would be miffed.

I agree, but once again, Sarno already talked about this in the reddit post I linked. The point of my post was just to ask if there had been any news since. :slight_smile:

i see! no news that i’m aware of unfortunately.