Any reason why I am not able to respec?

I feel really stupid, but I have been respeccing in this game a lot and suddenly I just can’t seem to do it. Please have a look at this screenshot, I am rethinking my build as this is my first character and I have just gone “Oh this looks nice, let’s pick that”, but now I am trying to put an actual build together.

So here I am, trying to respec my bear, and… I just can’t take this point off? There are no dependencies afterwards. I don’t know if it is just me being thick, so I am not posting it as a bug, but what is going on here, please?

You’re trying to respec Frenzied Strikes, but you have a couple points into Ruthless to the right, which need that node for connection.

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Oh, I am an ejit! Because the node on the right hand side had a dot lit up for whatever reason it registered in my head as if I had spent points in it. Thank you!

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