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Any plans for Oceania servers?

Hi everyone just recently found out about the game. Everything looks great and the development seems to be going solidly so far. As multiplayer is quite an important experience for me in arpgs I’m wondering if there will be plans to have an Oceania/Australia server?


I don’t think they’ve said anything about where the servers will be located.

Well I hope so or I wont be able to play :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Is that so? Is it not possible to play on US or EU servers?

During Wolcen launch I connected to US servers (I live in EU) and the ping wasn’t that bad, about 150. I remember a time where a 150er ping in Unreal Tournament was awesome and I still played with 200-300. :grin:

Or are there other restrictions?

Due to my geographical location I get around 250 ping to US west servers and 300+ if east.

I play HC exclusively so not having sub 100 ping would be a deal breaker for me unfortunately.

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Yeah, if you’re an aussie, it takes a while for the koalas carrying your data on memory sticks to get to the ISP & back.

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Yeah… so why not use kangaroos? Koalas seems like a stupid idea to me…

The Koala’s unionised & are backed by the Wallaby mafia, you don’t want to **** with them.

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Whoot?! World’s gone crazy these days!

I would use emu’s but last time we went to war vs them we lost :frowning:


Yeah please Oceania servers. PoE is pretty nice because I can play with 20 ping at the Australian realm.


Aussies get 250ms minimum ping East Coast to the US on a good day…
Aussies get 400ms minimum ping East Coast to the EU on a good day…

Good days over a network seldom happen, so we’d be looking at more likely 350-700ms US and EU

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<<< Oz. I’ll play HC regardless but our ping makes holy manger baby cry. Hurts in PvP as well.


Have you tried not standing on your heads? Or using carrier pigeons instead of koalas for your data transmission? I’ve heard they’re faster.

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