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Any Noticable Difference Between 1080p and 1440p Monitors?

I’m debating buying a 1440p monitor that’s on sale currently but I am not sure if it’s really needed.
Has anyone here upgrading from a 1080p to 1440 and noticed any visual difference in the graphics of Last Epoch, or other similar games like PoE?

I try to watch comparison videos on Youtube (on my current years-old monitor) using a 3060ti GPU and I cant notice anything, more or less. Maybe certain shrubbery and grass looks slightly better but that has mostly been on first person shooter games.
I notice LE does have some detailed water and grass etc, which looks amazing.

Also, when watching Youtube if I switch to 1440p the detail does get slightly better despite having an older 1080p monitor (capped @ 75 fps). Not sure again if upgrading will make any difference or not.

Thanks for the help.

In LE you get to see a slightly larger amount of the game world on screen on a 1440 monitor compared to a 1080 monitor (and way more if you have an ultra wide monitor).


“way more” - Haha nice.
I’ve never owned any kind of curved or ultra wide monitor in my life, but while playing LE with Frozen Orb lately I do notice depending how I sped the orb’s speed and shrapnel travel distance, it does appear to off screen.

I’m mostly wondering if I am missing out on any pleasant graphical effects or more importantly, response times, like casting teleport etc…when only using a low refresh rate monitor.

I’m sure a proper aficionado would tell you yes, but I think the average gamer would likely say no…

If you are using a 3060 Ti GPU, get the 1440p monitor. It has the juice to handle the increased pixels and more pixels, means more space for things productivity wise.

If the monitor has an improved refresh rate > 60hz ( 75hz+ recommended), then it can physically display a higher ingame framerate - not that important for games like LE, but if you do play FPS type games you will benefit.

Remember, you can always chose a lower framerate / lower resolution depending on want you want out of a specific title (performance or quality etc)… but you can obviously not go higher than your monitor supports.

Not much more to say.

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I usually sit around 73-75hz while playing LE, or anything, as that’s my cap. I’ve never had anything higher so I don’t even know if it “feels” better.

These days it’s mostly ARPG’s and I would say RTS games (but Blizzard stopped supporting SC2) and I heard AoE4 is an eyesore.

I’ll have a look around more for deals but as you said, I kind of feel like I’m not making use of my GPU.

Have you, or anyone else tried maxing out the refresh rate on LE? Did it make it feel worse or better?

1080 on a 1440 monitor looks nasty though.

Its not needed in LE… In fact, maxing out the framerate in LE causes performance issues that require faster hardware to overcome or use lower resolutions/quality settings to maintain. Personally I dont see the point in running games like LE at more than 75fps/75hz… so long as its stable and above 60fps, imho, thats all LE needs…

True, but it depends on the game/monitor and if you use black borders to compensate. I have also found that sometimes the monitor uses some weird pixel scaling (adding extra pixels to fill in) that is really crappy till you find how to switch it off.

This is more or less what I read and what people tell me.
In terms of graphics and details, has anyone noticed the overall look of the game change going to 1440p? Or do we still need to wait until LE is released and fully optimized to make such a decision?

What about watching movies etc…on Youtube? When I switch to 2K it does appear to make a slight difference, despite my old 1080p monitor?


Unless you are running the Youtube clip itself at higher resolution then its probably going to depend on how your monitor handles the scaling… I find TVs tend to scale youtube video nicer than normal monitors but thats subjective… It will depend on the quality of the monitor and proably things like pixels per inch and colour processing / black to black/grey density of the monitor and how physically big it is and how far you are away from it…

Try this:

And some of their other articles…

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Thanks, I think I’ll hold off for now and read more about sizes etc…before making a final decision.
The deals don’t even seem that great so I’m sure later in the year their will be similar sales as today.

Might just buy a wireless headset and/or mouse instead…so many wires and cables everywhere :frowning:

As for me, people greatly exaggerate the importance of picture quality.
I mean, even if there is such a quality, you will notice it for several days, a maximum of a week, and then get used to it and there will be no difference for you.
You are looking at 4k, but you will stop paying attention to it, the sensations will be the same as with more outdated graphics.


Same could be said of a faster system… you only notice it for the first few weeks, then your brain catches up and you start to think its slow again even though its X times faster than your older one… :wink:

I’m just holding off on everything for now until I make up my mind what I need/want for future gaming.
Instead, I got some new ram and went from 16 to 32GB, and apparently whoever choose parts for my prebuilt used ram that was better suited for Intel than AMD.

There’s new AMD chips and mobos coming out late 2022 and not sure if I should wait for those parts before making the monitor switch.
Most articles seem to say that upgrading to an X570 board and a 5000 series CPU (using 3700x atm) will be fine for a long time, unless you want to play the latest FPS games.

My simple advice… Figure out what you want to do with your system by looking at recommended specs of the apps/games you want to use, work out a budget (and stick to it). If you have the skill then DIY - DO NOT get a prebuilt unless you really trust the supplier. When chosing items balance the components to best fit each other (i.e. GPU & monitor spec, CPU & RAM, CPU & GPU). If you have spare money, consider upgradability to improve longevity and make future upgrades easier/cheaper.

With all the supply crap going on and manufacturers pushing new shinies, there is never going to be a perfect time to get anything and unless you have no budget restrictions, you are likely to experience buyers remorse or frustration at being unable to get what you want… Remember the latest and greatest is not always the best purchase for what you need…


On a 1440 monitor, you may view a somewhat greater portion of the game environment than on a 1080 monitor (and way more if you have an ultra wide monitor).

I play on GeForce Now and I can definitely see a difference between 1080p and 4k on my TV. If I play on my phone it saves the 1080p resolution and it’s immediately noticeable when I start it up on my TV.

A litle bit off topic but as it’s so hard to get a decent graphical card especially with a decent price I’m considering streaming, how do you like GeForce now service so far? do you lag with LE when you play it? especially when ther is lot of mob in screen, still fluid?

I’m a big fan of GeForce Now. I use it as my primary platform despite also having a PS5 because I like the flexibility. I play on my Shield TV, Chromebook, tablet, phone… I love not being tied to a device, and with Last Epoch having solid controller support it’s great to be able to play wherever.

Even on the Priority tier performance is solid for Last Epoch. It runs smoothly at 1080p. With the 3080 tier it runs great even at 4k with all the settings maxed out. I do have a good connection - 300Mbps and only about 15ms latency to the GFN servers - so you’ll need to try it out and see how latency is for you. You can try the free tier but keep in mind that the priority tier and the 3080 tier offer better in-game performance.

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