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Any new Stuff befor 1.0?

Am I right in thinking that there will be no new pve content, apart from the multiplayer release, before the 1.0 patch? After the 9.0 patch there will probably be some uniques and performance and bug patches. For me the most important thing is missing in the game, and that is the late game content. You could say that the monos/empowered monos are the lategame, but not for me. I as a player want to have an incentive to keep grinding, be it for gear that you can only wear at max level, or paragon level, or enemies that only appear at max level, something that is not here. With my current char I run monos between 200-400, and he is not even finished equipt. But there is also no reason to grind further, because nothing more comes. I have almost 1000 hours in the game, most of the time spent leveling new chars, but I don’t think it’s the goal of the game to level chars. I hope you have something in the back of your hand for the late game.

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No; I don’t believe that’s correct.

My understanding is that there will at least be additional dungeons, and the remaining mastery classes will be added as well. I think some work is planned for the Monolith, but I’m not confident on speaking to this, so I’ll let someone else address that bit. :grinning:

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Plus chapters 10-12, the remaining skills (some masteries are missing a few), the Favour system & there was a post by the devs with a few other odds & sods but I can’t find it…

All of the chapters are not planned for 1.0

Pretty sure they said that they’d have up to chapter 12 by 1.0 but that that wasn’t going to be the end of the story.

Edit: This is about the best I could find after a quick search.

That was old. They have since said on disc and in twitch chats that they don’t intend to have 12 chapters done by 1.0.

Edit: just read that, and it backs up my statement too

I know, I just didn’t want to edit my original reply & say that you were rrrrr… rrrriiiiigggg… not entirely incorrect. Sorry, I can’t get the words out, it’s just not natural.


Oh man… I looov… erm… don’t hate you!


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