Any mage or necro try Wrongwarp wand?

the wand teleports you to random spots when you use teleport, stuns enemies around, gives you haste and a damage buff based on haste. Kind of fun, you get used to the random element.

so it turns out this wand is the reason I can do empowered monoliths now. This wand literally jacks up my damage that much due to the spell buff on haste. And it gives you a cooldown on teleport so you can pretty much keep it up. If you are a mage and find this, highly recommend you try it out.

edit: don’t get me wrong, I still suck and am not OP. But I can do them empowered now lol.

oh, and if you find a haste shrine, it stacks with your buff … while you have that up you are super powered

…and I just figured out that the spell damage buff also scaled with increases to movement speed. So if you get movement speed buff on boots, you get more damage. Amazing wand.

I JUST dropped this weapon tonight and it is freakin fun as hell… I’m still getting used to the warping, which mixes things up a bit in a fun way, and the added dmg and haste is freakin awesome… I seriously don’t know atm if I want to shoot for anything else, I’m having a blast with it as a mage.

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I have this wand, its really nice, I used it in another build, that was my fastest setup to date. too bad though, because now I’m using a dagger for a new mage build, and I miss that wand.

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great wand pretty much bis for my ghostflame build.

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