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Any idea what area is best to farm for a +4 Warpath Exalted Armour base in MoF?

I found this a few days ago:

However, I’d really would like to get a few more points than the +2 Warpath chest I’m using currently now so I can get my Warpath skill from lvl 23 to 25.

The affixes you get are random so you’d want to go for whatever empowered area gives you the most exalted chest reward nodes which I would assume is Blood, Frost and Death since that gives the unique/set chest reward nodes (but it could be any empowered mono).

Exalted Echo Rewards do not spawn more frequently in specific timelines.

If you are hunting for specific exalted rewards you can play whatever timeline you want.

Your best chances is just push any timeline as high corruption as you can and then explore the entire echo web, the further out the better. (Higher corruption and deth in the echo web increase the chance for more rare nodes, such as “exalted body armour” appear

If you happen to come across Vessels Of Memory and Vessels of Chaos, do not do them immediately.
Once a big portion of the echo web is uncovered and you have finished all exalted body armour nodes, use a Vessel Of Memory to reset every echo.
After that, you want to re-do all exalted body armour echoes without doing any other echoes (go the most direct path to them).
Then you want to do a Vessel Of Chaos, to reroll every uncompleted echo and hope for more exalted body armours.
If you have more than one Vessel Of Memory, you can repeat the process, this time with more exalted body armours.
With this method you can gather dozens of exalted body armour echoes in one echo web.


  1. Push any timeline to high corruption
  2. Uncover as much of the echo web as possible, priority goes to the deeper parts
  3. Do all exalted body armour echoes
  4. Do Vessel Of Memory
  5. Complete all exalted body armorus echoes again
  6. Do Vessel Of Chaos
  7. Do all newly spawned exalted body armour echoes
  8. Repeat from step No. 4

This method works best with at least ~250-300 corruption to have a good chance of getting multiple Vessels on the echo web.
But the higher the corruption, the better.

Thank you both for the feedback! I will go with Blood, Frost, and Death and do these suggestions! Thanks again! :smiley: