Anshuish curse how it works?

Does anyone know how it scailing? what is tags, added damage effectiveness?

Did you hover over the skill and see what it says it scales with? Unless it’s a bug then it shows the tags there like all the other skills.

Anguish is a Curse that is only accessable through the Warlock Passive Tree and the Alt Info on that is very basic. It only tells you it is a curse that deals necrotic over time damage and makes the enemy deal 15% less DoT. The damage does trigger when another enemy nearby dies.

@Kaffa unfrotunatenly to get mroe info than that we need 3rd party tools currently.

If something doesn’t mention damage effectiveness its 100%
It is only Spell and Curse tagged and deals Damage over Time.

It is not dealing DoT damage, it couses the target deal less DoT to you and deal necrotic damage wheneve you kiill the enemy or hit rare\boss.

So it only 100% effectiveness and no other multi. Thanks!

Ah, haven’t looked much into the Warlock trees yet so didn’t know it wasn’t a skill. Thanks!