Another Item rarity

So guys what do you think about another item rarity ? There are already uniques, Rare (yellow), set items and so on… maybe we can get sth. like Red-Items or Purple - Items that have 3 prefix and 2 suffix or 2 Prefix and 3 Suffix or mabye crazy 3 Prefix and 3 Suffix :smile: which are really rare and hard to get. Something you would like to say “WOOOW DUDE This guy has a Red / Purple Legendary Item, this so hard to get” you know what i mean ? :smile:

Maybe to get in some really hard group content for the ultimate WOW Effect on Items. Similar to good old WOW Classic Naxx Items.

I believe in one of the older dev posts they said there is another tier of items not yet implemented into the game.

let me add this is hear-say; havent actually found the post (but still looking for it)

oh that actually bypassed me :smiley:

There be legendary items in the game eventually. See Trading! or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bazaar! they are mentioned.

A strict No from me for that idea. All content should be available solo and in groups.

Maybe they’ll add something like this via the eternal chests…you put an item in in the past, return to it in the ruined era and it has a third a-or suffix, but is uncraftable and untradeable now.

Apart from that…I’m not a fan of pure power creep…sure you can go ever stronger and ever rarer, but to me it’s counter-productive when you know it’s basically mathematically impossible to ever get a BiS slot item because it’s so rare.

When it comes to content should be done solo and in groups - i’m totally with you !

I mean it is actually pretty sad that no ARPG Game made group play cool or interesting.
The following is just my opinion…
Coop gameplay in Diablo 3 just sucks :smiley:
Coop gameplay in Path of Exile is an okay thing but it doesn’t feels like a real group play i hope you guys undertand what i mean.

For me it would be cool if there will be sth. like group dungeon - can be done from 2 - 5 people and maaaaybe loot could be more crafting materials, more high value base items i don’t know just a suggestion ( ; Ofc there should be no big advantage over solo players, just a new cool fresh experience.

Except for somethin’ that’s been on my mind
Having those “Legendary RED/PURPLE Items” with more affixes could be this “WOW Effect” what i’m missing right now in the game. Then it comes to crafting. Perhaps you are able to hit 3 ultimate T5 prefixes. Juuust an example.

Maybe some other guys would like to talk about it and we are able to present our suggestions to devs :smiley:

I’m fine with the Basic idea, just the 2-5 People I’m not fine with :smiley:
Make it 1-5 People and let it scale accordingly. There are quite some synergies to be had among the classes already through auras, heals, buffs so that Group Play is encouraged.

I dunno, I love each Season Start in D3, coop with friends with TeamSpeak. Coop with strangers might suck, I don’t know.

People only going in Groups because there is more loot to be had is no fun either. As can be seen in D3 Pubs as well, where you Need very specific builds to not be immediately kicked out, because it’s just about the Speed and the Loot. “Mandatory Group Dungeons” would result in the same I’m afraid.

I think the drop rates of sets and uniques will be lowered down the line, and everything is sped up quite a bit for the sake of beta (reaching Level 60-70 in one day seems a bit quick IMHO), so ideally uniques and sets will have a bit of that wow factor. Legendaries definately will, and I’m fine with Items that have a Mod Level of 18 or more to have a red Label :slight_smile: (So 3 T5 and one T3, or 2 T5 and 2 T4)
That should be rare enough to be WOW worthy when it drops, and you can create them yourself with luck, and they are not unnecessary power creep even before the release :stuck_out_tongue:

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