Anomaly Animation

Hello! I rolled Void Knight under the assumption the ability Anomaly would appear as it does in all the gameplay videos over the past few years. It unfortunately appears to have gotten an updated animation for release that looks far less desirable/cool. I feel kinda betrayed, but I understand why there was feedback about it being too prominent and blocking telegraphs.

My ask: Update the animation to be more similar to the bright purple symmetrical barrier-like predecessor, but perhaps just more transparent to see the floor? The current wobbly bubble honestly removes me from the fantasy of playing a VOID KNIGHT every time I see it, and makes me feel more like a BUBBLE KNIGHT from bikini bottom.

Thank you for everything. <3

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Agreed, the old anomaly vfx was very visually pleasing and was one of the reasons I wanted to play void knight. The new animation is very lackluster.


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