Anointed Node for Paladin:Judgement not creating an Aura correctly

Using the “Anointed” node on Judgement for Paladin should turn the Consecrated Ground effect into an aura that surrounds the player, but instead it creates a circle AoE in front of the player. It won’t let me upload a picture, but it’s easy to test.

You have a point allocated into Ascendant Liturgy which prevents Consecrated Ground and thereby the aura from triggering.

I don’t have a point in anything that doesn’t lead to Anointed. I literally only had 5 points to spend: 2 in Sanctified Serenity, 2 in Lingering Force, 1 in Anointed.

You smash the ground, the symbol appears, and the “Aura” becomes a circle aoe in front of the player that moves with the player. Instead of surrounding the player.

My original comment could have explained better that the Aura does appear, but in the wrong location.

Edit: I’ve used the Aura in EA with no issues, this is a 1.0+ issue

Oh yeah the aura position is bugged known issue, its centred like a foot in front instead of in the character