Annoying parts of monos gameplay

First - I just almost died to a spire’s shot in 240c map right after the loading screen.
I admit, my defences takes a few sec to pump up, but still…

Spires in monos already too annoying to clear and loot, even with a fairly agile charecter and a strict filter. This is incomparable to other map goals. Make a delay of about 10-15 sec on map entry and perhaps increase the cooldown for them a little.

Also, these mobs that shoot from 2-3 screens away without indicating the direction… Meh. Especially on open maps. If I had a loot explosion, I would have to clear a few screens around and backtrack, and still be very coutios. Idk what would be fair for you - cut their range or CD, or both.

I don’t think these changes are difficult to implement, but it will increase quality of life significantly.

Unless, your plan is to rework these mechanics completely.

Spires only shoot out when you use skills. And you have an invulnerabilty period after a loading screen. So if you almost died right after the loading screen it’s because you immediately used a skill and didn’t evade the easy to spot spire attack. You don’t usually need lightining reflexes to avoid those.

They will always shoot from wherever they are on the map, even further than 2-3 screen away. And you always know where they are because they’re the echo objective so you get arrows pointing to them from the very start, just like you do when the objective is to kill patrols.

If you stop using skills, the spires stop shooting.

I meant poisonous flowers and lightning totem things.

And for my “almost” case: I spawned in a deep corner and at the same second began to move - they covered almost all the free space and one of them hit me with their first fast component. Perhaps the buffs of the previous map have dissipated and it is considered a spell. And, in my feelings, spires can also shoot when there are enemies somewhere near me, I’ll check again. Or does it also trigger due to buffs and offscreen dots/debuffs/procs.

Ah, that is a different thing. Yes, those are annoying. Especially the plants because they have a higher range and you often have to try and find out where they are.

If you were complaining about spires (which some players do) I don’t think it would be a valid complaint but regarding the plants you have a fair point. I also feel sometimes that they’re a little unfair due to range and that they end up breaking the game flow.

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