Annoying blessing selection when beating a timeline's quest boss

I get myself killed quite often because the blessing selection pops up immediately after defeating a boss or rather completing all objectives. Usually that’s fine but when an area decides to not cancel all boss mechanics after the boss’ death and instead fires multiple environmental damage effects, spawns new enemies or keeps the boss’ minions alive, then all the action happens while I get presented with a nearly fullscreen overlay consisting of the quest reward window and the even more problematic blessing selection. I don’t see when I get attacked and I can’t respond to it, resulting in sudden death.

Some bosses already have a delay, before the blessing window pops up.

I am sure the devs can adjust this relatively easily, when the tech is already in there.

I think it would be helpful if you provide spcific examples, which fights have no or too short of a delay, before the blessing rewards shows up.

A delay doesn’t account for how I approach a timeline. If I haven’t decided what blessing I want, I take my time to clear the whole area of and debate over the blessings I get offered for the one that might benefit me the most. This could be 30 seconds to a minute. But when there’s a delay that long while I already know what I want, that delay would become a nuisance.

A delay also wouldn’t work when events trigger way after the boss was killed or don’t expire at all. For instance, I recently farmed Emperor of Corpses (Reign of Dragons timeline). For some reason my tiny character can knock back that giant dragon with Warpath into the arena’s boundary. Then the dragon dies, the blessing selection pops up shortly after and then when I have the screen filled with windows, suddenly the highly damaging area effect all around the arena trigger and I stand right in it while also some skeletons spawn next to me.

Another example is Harton’s Husk (Fall of the Empire timeline). I kill Harton, the loot drops, then the blessing selection appears and after all that suddenly both of Harton’s Icon worms spawn while I can’t see them or defend myself.

Why not make the blessing selection appear after you left the area? That would solve all the issues without the need to fine-tune a delay that may work for one player at a certain time but not for another. Then all those bugs - boss events triggering or not expiring way after the fight is over, weird pathfinding, movable giant bosses, etc. - that make the selection screen an actual problem wouldn’t matter that much anymore.

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It would be good to know all the bosses where this happens. Are there more than Harton and the Dragon?

Boss mechanics and effects either not expiring or triggering after the fight is over also happened with Lagon (Ending the Storm timeline). The waves that come from all directions persisted the whole time after the kill while I was in blessing selection.

Maybe there were more but I can’t remember right now. I’ll report back when I find more.

I agree with the OP, at the moment it is is a bit of a challenge with some DoTs, damage issues & leftover mobs being hidden by the blessing - AND - quest end popup.

Its not just the final bosses giving blessings where the this happens, in the quest echos you can get the complete screen with the XP message but there are still mobs attacking you and you have to quickly close it to continue fighting… This happens in almost all the areas where you can complete the quest echo goal without clearing - e.g. killing the final fire “giant” in The Magma Caverns but all the other flame mobs are still alive…

I must admit, a simple mechanism - like replacing the Open Portal tab with, Complete Quest would be much better - i.e. you could initiate it after you were sure you were safe… then it could give you pop-ups, blessings or whatever else without any issues…

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That would work for me as well.

That popup would also have to do the item drops as well, otherwise you could kill the boss then get the boss-specific item & log out (depending on how they did the fix for that exploit).

I’ve also died to an add in the Lagon fight after the boss was dead (I thought all the adds died in the middle phase, but apparently not.

I traditionally play ARPGs in Hardcore mode after I learn the basics, and this mechanic is hilariously crazy if you think about it from a Hardcore point of view. They definitely need to change how this window pops up.

They can add one of those glowing thingies after you Portal out (like when you complete a normal mono), and that one can look special and grant the blessings.

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The bonus reward things?

Yeah, not the chest, the glowy diamondy thingy. (<- technical term)

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I can confirm that this has happened to me on multi stage boss fights in MoF. Namely Lagon and Argentus.

The build I’ve been playing can kill the boss before the intermediate phase with all the additional spawns. The boss will die before those second phases begin and I’ll get the blessing pop up. Meanwhile, phase 2 begins despite the boss death while I’ve got that pop up on my screen.

On a similar note, when I died to an add after killing the boss (due to me wanting to check & select a blessing AND the screen blessing selection screen covering my entire window AND there being very little distinct sound indicators that i’m taking damage, I didn’t even get to see the boss loot.

I would normally say the loot for a timeline boss should spawn in the echo between worlds after you kill them, but when you die, you don’t even go back to that area, but are instead ported back to The End of Time. Note that this also happens if you complete an echo objective but get killed afterwards.

Another option for EHG: Killing the boss grants you an Immunity Buff which lasts until you portal or log out.

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