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I suppose there are already some topics about that but animations are really crap, I mean worst than old games like Baldur’s Gate 2 or Diablo 2…there should be a way to improve that.

There are some posts about this & improving animations & graphics in general is an on-going process.

I believe EHG recently hired someone for this exact reason. You should start seeing improvements to animations in future patches.

Nice. These are great news…let’s wait and see the results.

I played LE last time 2 weeks ago for 4-5 days after being back here after a 7 months hiatus.
Checked the latest 0.7.7 patch mainly for the reason to see Primalist animations and intro.

Only speaking about running animations here.

I mean sure it looks different, but still not fitting enough in relation to how fast your character entity moves.
Before it was like the animations where “floaty” and now they are a bit too fast.

Fury Leap still the same place-holder animation.

the animations when I go to equip or change an item is horrible, in fact it doesn’t even exist. the shield is always the same. but I’m sure they will improve the animations and visuals of the characters and skills a lot. So I hope.

Hey guys, we hear your concerns on the animations, especially regarding main characters, loud and clear - and we agree. We hired on a new animation lead a couple weeks ago that will be redoing all of the main players animations before 1.0. See the new Osprix for quality of animation that we are shooting for across the game :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback and we hope you’re enjoying 0.7.7


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