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Hi there,

I recently just found about this title. I am an avid fan of ye olden diablo days, and other than Grim Dawn, (or older - Titan Quest) there haven’t been any good indie ARPGs with such a throwback feeling. LE looks incredibly enticing from what I’ve seen. A classic loot system, lots of skill/class customization, offline/online etc.

I know this is only alpha, with Beta around the corner. But I am just wondering, are the current animations just placeholders or are these more or less what we can expect in the final game, albeit some polish?
It’s just that I feel animations and SFX make up an important part of the experience, it also makes combat feel/sounds visceral, or conversely, muted. The combat animations atm look incredibly stiff. Are there any plans in the (near future) to overhaul animations?


We recently replaced all animations in the game to match our new player character models, and we’re currently working on a second pass to improve them. Sound effects are also difficult to do during development as creating sounds is a lengthy process and we want to avoid doing work that ends up being cut or needing to be replaced. We are working on it.

Even though we’re entering Beta, there’s still more polish to be done on most things!


Hi Hackloken,

Thanks for the insight. I understand animations and audio are things that should be considered at a alter stage of the game. But it’s good to know it’s on the long term roadmap. At the end of the day, I can’t really resist buying into these games anyway, so I;ll buying into this when the Beta nears. :slight_smile:

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