Animation Canceling ? Attackspeed bug?

Hello Dev’s and Last Epoch Team,

i am a LoL player and play a lot of MMORPG and ARPG and stuff , and i use sometimes kiting technique like " Attack>move>Attack " in realy short time , and as i had the experience in LE , it maybe be that u can actually cancel animation and have more attackspeed. im not sure about how this work or if it is working at all or if it is only a visual bug.

I testet Attacks which are affected, and melee attacks , im unsure about range attacks but in the video below it should also be ranged attacks. For spells i didnt found one yet who actually work this way. so i hope i could help u guys make the game better even if its not “that” game breaking.

Greetings from germany and have a nice day , i like the game realy much !

Video Link : Animation Canceling ? - YouTube

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