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Ancient Gladiator Supporter

I have bought the so called Ancient Gladiator pack back on the day you had the game on Kickstarter. I would have picked one tier more but I knew that I wouldn’t have time for the alpha. However I tried the first demo you posted for everyone and I felt in love.

Now I read that you will launch the game on Steam. I thought that would have it’s own client and I will recieve my beta key and all. What would it be, in the end? Should I expect a beta key for Steam?

Thank you.

Hey there,

Thank you for supporting our KickStarter campaign!

When Last Epoch is playable through Steam our website will have a page which allows you to link your Steam and Last Epoch accounts to play through Steam. This won’t be mandatory.

Uhhh that’s perfect. I found that you have improved so much the game, the graphics overall because I remember the demo with unfinished textures and glitches (normal stuff when the game is being developed) and now it looks astounding. I’m super hyped to try it!

Thanks for the quickly reply.

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Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

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