An indepth look at what LE can learn from other ARPGS!

Suggestions to make Last Epoch the greatest ARPG in history, and what Last Epoch can learn from other ARPGS! This is my personal wishlist and motive for each point why it should be added or done in my humble opinion. Last Epoch is infamous for already borrowing a lot of its core game designs from other games, but improving upon them. Many refer to LE as the bridge between Diablo 3 and POE. Here are some suggestions to keep that and more going.

Safe Zones:

Safe Zones should never have fog of war, always show the available quests on the map (both big and mini) and be redesigned to add more value and character now that multiplayer will be a thing. Examples being somewhere players can gather to talk, group, trade, target dummies, etc.

Universal Dodge Button:

A universal dodge button has now become a staple in every modern ARPG (POE 2, Diablo, Lost Ark) and while this would be a monumental task, I believe Grim Dawn will soon be adding a universal dodge button.

Idol Manipulation:

Allowing players to manipulate idols adds depth to the loot system, aligning it with Last Epoch’s philosophy of player agency and customization. Right now, they are more or less stat sticks you just customize based on your loot filter.

Deep Crafting System:

A crafting system akin to Grim Dawn’s with recipes can provide a satisfying and rewarding experience, encouraging experimentation, award exploration and creativity in character builds.

Reputation System/PVE Trading/Black Market:

Introducing a reputation system, PVE trading, and a black market can foster a sense of community and player interaction, enhancing the world of Eterra. This is something we can again look at Grim Dawn, which does it extremely well. (You will get quests, some are radiant I believe that you can grind to get higher reputation with certain factions to be able to buy recipes, gear, etc)

Remove Gender Lock:

Removing gender locks promotes inclusivity and allows players greater freedom in character creation, contributing to a more diverse and immersive gaming experience. Character customization is another thing that is slowly becoming a staple in an ARPG. We don’t need an in depth system, just a simple male or female. The same skeletons for each class could potentially be used.

Hidden Bosses and End Game Activities:

Including more hidden bosses and diverse end-game activities like player housing, transmog systems (being able to unlock the styles you find for in game gear and being able to mix and match with shop skins would be great!), and dynamic events enriches the game world, providing players with ongoing goals and incentives. We’ve seen a sliver of this with the exiled mage and the new hidden chests. This is great! More like this!

Dynamic Events:

Incorporating dynamic events, examples being as treasure goblins and traders with special gear that randomly appears adds spontaneity and excitement to the gameplay, diversifying the experience beyond routine exploration and combat.

Interactive Lore:

Including interactive lore elements like lore books and a comprehensive bestiary adds depth to the game’s narrative, providing players with a richer understanding of the world and its inhabitants. The current lorebooks added in act 1 are simply static. We should be able to pick them up and listen as we go along.

Arena-Inspired Dungeon Delving:

Creating a dungeon delving system with increasing difficulty and randomly generated bosses at each level rewards player progression and skill while introducing an element of risk and loss. Ie; being able to extract to keep your loot or keep going and risk losing all you’ve acquired.

Redesigned Conduit/Pylon System:

A redesigned conduit/pylon system that is consistent, clear, and rewarding ensures that players have a enjoyable experience. Right now, a lot of pylon types feel very… eh?

Memorable Enemy Types:

Introducing more memorable and dangerous enemy types enhances combat variety and challenges players to adapt their strategies, contributing to a more engaging and dynamic gameplay experience.

Implementing these features would not only align Last Epoch more closely with a lot of casual player expectations that are new to ARPGS but familiar with other RPGS, but also set it apart as a standout ARPG, offering a unique and comprehensive gaming experience.

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Welcome to the forums!!! Great list of feedback.

If you have not already, I might suggest doing some forum searches. About 90% of your feedback has been topics of extensive debate. You’d be able to see some of the future directions the Devs intend, and why, for these very things; many of which should be coming in 1.0 (though some, like the gender lock issue won’t be yet.)


This reads like a list that someone wrote without actually playing the game or reading anything about it. Half of these things are either already in the game or will be in the future, and almost all of them are vague and generic to the point of being completely unactionable.

Did ChatGPT write this?


All items are stat sticks just some (idols, set items & uniques without LP) can’t be modified once they’ve dropped. Some form of idol crafting is a frequently requested thing since they were introduced, the devs have always said that they want idols to be a chase item (ie, that an idol with 2 relevant/desired affixes be rare), though I’m sure that trading will make it significantly easier to get idols with relevant affixes.

Only if there’s a recipe that’s useful for your build, it would also be a very different form/take on crafting than what we have at the moment (not necessarily a bad thing).

These are being added/worked on.

What’s that in LE?

I am aware of the trader faction system, forgot to mention that. It’s part of the reason why I suggested a form of PVE trading in the first place, one that benefits both parties of the faction.

The pylon system is in reference to what LE call shrines. I know some of these things have been discussed before, but I figured I’d make an entire wishlist of things I would personally like to see.

I’m not sure that’d be a good idea. MG already get trading & if CoF got some form of trading (not counting gifting) on top of their improved drop rates then what would be the point of MG?

Ok, it’d be useful to use the in-game nomenclature.

I didnt want the post to be too big, hence why some things are vague. I should have clarified some points though, like I am aware of the faction system coming. But as far as I know its mainly a glorified SSF mode vs trader league, rather than something fully incoperated into the game with characters, quests, rewards, etc similar to Grim Dawn. Hope Im wrong!

Forgot what they were called. Also, these traders would sell items that would always be there essentially to both parties, that could require high enough reputation with the trader / faction to be able to buy their items. Have you never played Grim Dawn?

Only for ~1.1k hours, but this isn’t Grim Dawn. When you said trading I didn’t realise you meant vendors. Yeah, I wouldn’t be averse to having GD-style vendors with different stuff at higher rep. Not quite sure how that would convert into LE though.

Yeah I should have said vendors instead!

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When I think of the vendors and PVE trading the way you seem to mention it, I think of the wandering merchants in Torchlight II. No idea how that would translate to LE though.

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