An Early Look at Some of the New Zones Coming in Patch 0.7.5

The upcoming content patch 0.7.5 introduces a new chapter of story content!

Below we have prepared a gallery of screenshots taken in Chapter 7 zones.


Click on an image to see the full-sized version.


One more time thanks for bringing Karv to the team! Im more hyped than before!!!

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Cool snow capped zones! The ARPG fantasy is now complete :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Looks great! And as we´ll get more super fun super cool and super exciting content might we plz have a possibility to skip it! :slight_smile:

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With this patch are we able to zoom out even further? That primalist in the bottom 3 photos looks hella zoomed out.

These are images taken from the game editor, so they might seem a little more scaled back than usual. Game builds have not had any adjustments to the camera.


please say that there will be improvements in game performance?

Damn them dev tools :stuck_out_tongue: they get all the good stuff


Its rumored that theres a 90% chamce they found the issues and have resolved the stuttering and we should see this in the next patch

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Performance optimization is an ongoing development priority, every patch EHG has improved performance in some critical way. By the time the game releases we should see immense boosts in stability and fps.

I agree, I have faith they will make it acceptable eventually. The overall game is so good, and has so much promise that I’m willing to wait.

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I see we have similar ideas for profile names haha.

looks good but not gonna play LE. every time i run LE the game wants [post moderated] —Sarno my PC.

Wait for the next patch arpund Christmas. Most the stutter amd fps drops should be fixed

I can’t wait for the initial stutter when you load the game to be gone. It’s bearable but annoying.

theres a 90% chance this next patch will also relieve you of that unbearable pain. Sometimes i gotta pop an advil just so i can start playing.

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Looks really nice, you do a great work!

Something is missing here …
Oh yes! Footprints! :wink:


Really nice, can’t wait to kill hordes of monster in those new zones. They actually look inspired

Nice work guys