Ambush spawn rate is too low

Rarely it is needed to clear almost the whole echo to spawn an ambush. That can lead to backtracking in some layouts, and overall feels silly, that’s it’s me who actively seeks for an ambush. That doesn’t happen too often, sometimes it spawns pretty fast, so I guess there is a random spawn rate. I would like it to be less random, more concentrated towards the average.
For example, I spawned in a corridor layout map with a miniboss kill quest. I ran to the other end, killing most monsters along the way, but there was no boss in the end. Must be an ambush, I thought. So I headed backwards. Then half way back an ambush spawned.
Why it overrides the original quest? I think ambush should become an independent encounter, just like prisons. You’re doing your quest, and sometimes an ambush happens, with specific rewards. Then you continue your quest. An ambush during the well or beacon quests will be tough, but feel special. I still remember the one time in POE, when syndicate ambushed me in the delve through their portal :skull_and_crossbones:
Also I think ambush scarab boss is overtuned. It is way tankier than any other miniboss, jumps frequently at you, spawning more monsters. It’s damage is ok, so not hard to kill, just tedious. I mostly play minion builds, and that thing dies really slow, partly because it jumps away from minions at me, resetting minion focus. If I focus minions on it, spawned monsters start to swarm me. If I don’t focus, spawned monsters grab most attention, and by the time they are dead, new are already spawned.

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