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Amazing game and how to be one of the best in the world! feedback

Hello, I love your game, since 2000 I have been in the world of videogames, I have a few tips on how to improve your game and make it incredible, even more than it is so far, if you agree and are going to read my return, tell me and I’ll send you the ways to improve since it’s going to be a long email, thank you very much claudio maciel from argentina

en español:Hola me encanta su juego, desde el 2000 que estoy en el mundod e los videojuegos, tengo unos cuantos consejos de como poder mejorar su juego y que sea increible mas lo que ya es hasta el momento, si estan de acuerdo y van a leer mi devolucion diganmelo y les envio las formas de mejorar ya que va a ser un mail extenso, muchas gracial claudio maciel desde argentina

Welcome to the LE Forums.

You can leave your feedback here and if it’s too long you can split it up into several posts.

I can assure you the developers do read the forums and even if they don’t necessarily respond, they take community feedback very seriously.

Feedback is also something that should not only be shared with the devs, but in public places like this forum or discord for example.
This way all kinds of feedback can create discussions and maybe spark some other people’s ideas or give them a different perspective on certain aspects.

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