Am I missing something or are daggers pretty much straight up better than 1h swords?

The base damage difference is insignificant and all daggers come with a secondary stat. I guess niche builds that stack %increased damage and no critical chance/damage MIGHT get more use from a 10 base damage difference between Deicide Sword and a Obsidian Dagger. Any build that uses any amount of crit or has increased base damage in their character or skill trees will get far more use out of the dagger. I wanted to use “weapons of choice” but when i realized i lost over 20% crit rate I refunded those points and gave up on that idea. Now that’s not to say the talent is useless as it is a very OP talent that im willing to bet will be nerfed asap. I’m only pointing out that one handed swords need a rework. Though I am going to assume the devs will just reduce the damage of daggers by 25-40% and completely remove the base crit chance and replace it with increased crit chance instead so enjoy daggers while you can.

No, they aren’t plain better than swords. If you get any of the crit vulnerability nodes then the base crit on dagger’s is irrelevant because after a second or two all of your hits will be crits anyway.

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