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Am i idiot for trying to farm void gloves/omnis?

I wanna get these 2 items so i can make new build with new class im level 100 lich doing easy maps on 300 corruption and bosses but this time i wanna get those 2 items and make a build with them cuz it sounds fun so i heard to get omnis it takes like 20-30 kills of shades in 300+ corruption i did like 10 kills so far and nothin yet what about boss who drop void gloves how many kills it takes on average to get it? if its like 100 kills or something il pass then so far i killed him like 20 times

IMO Omnis is very reasonalbe to be target farmed.
It’s feasible that you will get it with certainty.

Ravenous Void and Orians Eye on the other ahnd are items, that are so rare and hard to target farm, it is not feasible that you will ever get them in a reasonable amount of time.

But that’s obviously very subjective, some people might think that putting 200-300 hours into the game and get it is reasonable, but maybe even with those nubmers you might never get one, who knows.

I think what is most important here is the following:

Omnis can potentailly be build enabling, if you really need the extra skill point, but I think there are very few builds, where this is actually true.

Ravenous Void on the other hand is not build enablign at all.

So what ever character you wanna play with these unqiues, just play them anyway and if you happen to drop them, just use them, otherwise, the character will still be playable regardless.

In the end, if it keeps you motivated and playing the game: That’s great!
Are you an Idiot for playing and enjyoing the game and chase some items? Absolutely not!

i see so target farming void gloves is a dumb idea but il atleast farm omnis then

Also another difference in target farming them is:

Omnis can be target farmed, while target farming everything else.

Ravenous Void forces you into Ending The Storm (Unique Gloves) or The Last Ruin (Gaspar has increases drop chance)

Whatever the odds, you’re not idiot to try to get an item.
Omnis will be less difficult and maybe you will only get this one, but you’ll have played though.

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