Am I doing something wrong? Exsang farming

I’m trying to farm Exsanguinous and according to lastepochtools I should be targeting set/unique body armor nodes in Blood, Frost, and Death. Which I’ve been doing from about level 85 to level 95, for at least 20+ hours, mostly over 200 corruption, including dumping rep into unique body armor prophecies, and I haven’t found a single one - much less anything with LP. I’ve gotten plenty of Unstable Cores, Boardman’s Fallacys, even gotten 2 Aaron’s Will… but still no Exsanguinous. Is there something I’m missing? Or is this just an insane string of bad luck? Can you get them from using runes of ascendance? I’ve been trying that, too.

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There is no real targeted farming in this game. They tell you to focus on those because you’re guaranteed a unique chest, but what unique chest is still 100% random.

I had no problems with Exsanguinous. I carry it and still have it twice in my chest.
However, I feel the same way with the Frostbite Shackles. I’ve been farming Formosus for 2 days with and without corruption. They don’t want to drop. :sneezing_face:

I feel your pain. Not with this particular piece of gear, but overall. I spent 16 days trying to farm a helmet (Prismatic Gaze), utilizing these “target farming nodes” with no luck.

-I would like more specific target farming. Spending multiple weeks even knowing what rng actually is, has been painful.

-My advice in this game is always work with what you HAVE and only strive for some other build you’re interested in if you actually have the stuff.

-I don’t think Exsanguinous is a boss drop item so yes, you can try for it with runes of ascendance. Maybe 30 or 40 of them would give you one.

Out of curiosity, what corruption level are you trying to get these shackles at? I ONLY started seeing shackes drop at corruption level 200+

Well it’s the Easter holidays so RNjesus won’t be back until after the weekend. Ba dum dum tss :joy::+1:

You’re doing it right though but RNG will always be RNG. It’ll drop if/when it drops nothing more you can do apart from continuing to keep doing what you are doing. Prophecies, monolith, body armour nodes. :white_check_mark:

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100-200 :speech_balloon:

it is definitely bad rng by the sound of things. keep slamming runes of ascendance on chests and cross your fingers. I usually have pretty bad luck with arpgs but yesterday i found a 1Lp ravenous void and next echo a 2 lp mad alchemist ladle…keep going u will get there

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I farmed Blood, Frost, Death for over 10 days with 400-500 corruption to get Shackles, Exsang, and Last Steps. Only got Shackles and Steps a few times without LP, once Steps with 1LP and that’s it. Not a single Exsang.
As MG you are not allowed to have decent drops because “mArKeT”, just buy your 2LP stuff for 500.000.000g easy peasy.

don’t forget prophecies …

Haha well thanks for the replies, everyone! I’m just glad to know I’m not missing anything simple and it really is just RNG. I have to admit I’ve been seriously considering swapping to the merchant guild just for this piece but I’m already rep level 7 with prophecies and it sounds like the merchants have just as much trouble anyway so I’ll just stick with what I’ve got. I’ll definitely try to ascend more junk, though!

@Rawside I have 2 Frostbite Shackles, one with zero LP and one with 1 LP. If you have extra Exsang. I will happily game with you sometime and we can trade them! (Or can you not trade things unless you’re both in the same guild? I haven’t traded yet so I don’t totally understand it.)

Well for anyone who read this far: after ~25 hrs farming that one timeline over and over, and about 30 runes of ascendance, I finally gave up and went to another timeline to redo my blessing. And a 2 LP Exsang dropped off the first boss I killed.

It’s like kind of funny but not in a ha-ha way.



I had given up on Herald of the Scurry and then boom two back to back on runes. I’m working on my squirrel overlord now.

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2 hours after I wrote the post, the item was dropped.
I should write here more often. But thank you for your offer my best :rightwards_hand: :leftwards_hand:

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