Alternative/Improvement on Legendary Crafting

So the Devs want the players to earn the LP crafting as a reward for beating Julra but Julra’s dungeons can be frustrating sometimes as each time you need to craft LP, you need to challenge the dungeon.

Yes, you can challenge the low-tier Julra just to make sure you get the LP crafting, but there’s the level restriction and when you mix a core crafting system as a all-or-nothing reward locked behind a boss challenge, it becomes counter-intuitive.

I think there are alternative solutions to this:

a) Legendary crafting available before Julra. The players have worked for it, sometimes spending a lot of time because of the horrible backtracking and because they don’t want to exploit bugged traversal skills to go through the barriers, so they should be rewarded the chance to do a LP crafting at the end of the dungeon before taking on Julra.

By doing this, players will be encouraged to push themselves to do higher tier to see if they can defeat higher tier Julra without worrying about their Legendary crafting.

b) Legendary Crafting Currency or Token. I think this will be a better solution as this allows players to do Legendary crafting whenever they want, but they still need to work for it.

Token system is simple. This has been suggested in Reddit. Julra drops Tokens for Legendary crafting. Higher Tier Julra have chance to drop more tokens. Tokens are used to craft Legendary.

Currency system would work in a similar way, but this would allow the devs to set the “price” for different type of Legendary crafting more easily (just like how many favors needed in selling items in MG).

The Token/Currency system also makes it easier to reward players who end up spending more time in the Dungeon due to backtracking as we can allow monsters in Dungeon to drop Legendary Crafting Token or Currency.

This system also encourages people to have their alts to challenge the Dungeons, because they can save up their Legendary Crafting opportunity to use down the road.

I like Challenges. I think Julra’s mechanism is great, but Legendary crafting shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing reward locked behind her.

Or, and hear me out, getting the best possible items in the game should be hard, we aren’t entitled to them, and if you can’t kill Julra you don’t deserve them. You can’t claim you “like challenge” when both of these suggestions completely remove all challenge from the Legendary process.

In the first, Julra is what’s hard about T4. You can yolo through the entire dungeon with the stupidest builds imaginable that have no hope of ever killing Julra. Zero difficulty involved in crafting Legendaries. In the second, now you can just faceroll speed farm T1/2 and you get to craft any Legendary you want.

Every single one of these “the best loot should be ridiculously easier to get” suggestions threads are ridiculous, every single time. This isn’t Diablo. Some of us like that have to try a little to get the cool shit.


These kind of “please make the game easier” posts are starting to depress me, at least Bronco is here to keep things real :slight_smile: I do however think they could havea look at the preamble dungeon to the boss fights as theya re not especially enjoying to do, make the boss fight harder and shorten the dungeon maybe?


Yes, You can faceroll speed farm T1/T2 and get to craft any Legendary you want. Hell, even T3 is easy for most builds. So what’s the point for locking the Legendary crafting behind Julra. What’s the point of challenging T4? If doing T1-T3 is more than enough to get most Legendaries, why still making it so inconvenient. They want us to work for it; we’ll work for it. Not asking for free crafting.

By your logic, then maybe we should gate everything behind T4 Julra then. Makes it real hard. That’s definitely some rewarding experience.

But you know what? you can also use one of the op builds on the youtube and easily kill T4. Now where’s the challenge. The challenge has already been removed when there are builds which you can copy and paste and kill T4 Julra so easily. Don’t kid yourself.

Hell, you know what, let’s ask for a T5, and gate the crafting behind T5 Julra. That would make Legendary really meaningful right?

This kind of mechanism is just forcing casual players to copy and paste meta op builds, instead of encouraging people to try to beat the dungeons with alts and different builds.

And it’s ridiculous to say “the best loot should be ridiculously easier to get” because the hard part is actually finding a 4 LP item and a perfect exalted. You can do T100 Julra but you still can’t get the best loot if you can’t find a 4 LP.

I wouldn’t be bitching about it if they made the dungeon easier to get through. And then there are people who just use traversal skills to pass through the barriers. Like what’s the point of making the dungeons so frustrating for people who don’t want to exploit the bug.

If they fix the dungeon, I won’t have anything to say about this, but locking legendary crafting behind Julra is stupid anyway, because you can just copy and paste op meta builds and kill her with ease. The challenge aspect is just nonsense.

You literally suggested two different versions of absolutely brainless, zero challenge Legendary crafting.

The dishonesty of all of these Modern Gamer “give me everything for no effort” threads is exhausting.

Everything is brainless to you. Glad you are not the one making the game. Would hate to play your “brainful” game.

I do not like option a) that much, because legendaries are a reward for beating julra, and the dungeon itself is not challenging enough alone, it is julra that makes it difficult.
Option b) would work under the assumption that going through the dungeon is a suitable replacement for going through monos, which for me is not (meaning that you would run it even without having a legendary to craft). At the moment navigating the sanctum is annoying and buggy; and is not even particularly challenging. It’s just another time sink in the laundry list of time sinks that that the game throws at you.

The solution I would personally prefer is to make the dungeon itself less boring.
I am sure that there are a variety of ways to do it, just two ideas possible ideas

  • Maybe if they could put hidden stashes that would reward you additional loot / additional legendary crafts and hide them throughout the dungeon floor. This way you would have a reason to explore the floor and not rush to the nearest door. Ideally this would not net you a significant increase in the number of legendaries per hour that you can make, but you get a bit of exploration done and maybe it would be more fun.
  • Alternatively they could add an additional corruption like mechanic that could make the boss even more dangerous, but doing so would increase the number of legendary crafts you can make.
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