Alrics revenge

Is This Quest bugged i go to location but nothing happens. Leader doesnt show up or spawn in.

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Did you kill a lot of enemies in the zone and all enemys near the quest marker?

Yeah, I’ve never had it to fail. There are a number of them you have to kill to enrage him to show up. I’m not certain if it’s certain ones or not but I know that the one below where he shows up is one. I kill all of them before that point and when I kill that one he shows up.

yeah i cleared them all out and was standing on the blue marker but nothing happen. i completed it with my necro but just seems all of sudden its bug or im missing something

im gunna try and clear the whole map maybe i missed one. Thanks for the advice.

We had a new patch when you posted the isue. I know it worked before the patch so maybe it’s a issue with the new patch.

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I went to the area and killed the guy. The quest text changed to say “return to Alric” now. I went back to Alric and he’s still saying the initial quest text when I talk to him so, despite the quest being done, he wont let me turn it in to him.

I think the bug happens if you portal back to where he is instead of running all the way back through the “door” between the zone of the boss and Yulia’s Haven. The only way I found to turn it in was to go kill the rare enemy again and then walk all the way back.

for those who cant trade in the quest to complete it try goin through a few quest up on the main quest or logging back in… this quest had been problematic since the rising update. I’ve had the bug before and someone suggested the work around good luck.

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