Alric’s Revenge Quest bugged

Alric’s Revenge is a dead quest, as I crashed to Desktop before the Leader Osprix spawned, but after I killed all his “bretheren” so now its incompletable. (1st two quest objectives are checked, last is unchecked, but leader will not spawn no matter how many times I reload the map, game, etc.)

How do you drop/retake quests in LE?

Can you post a player log?

The Launcher’s Log Files – Last Epoch Support

It’s lost at this point (only data in there is from today).

As I said in a different post in the Bugs forum, I ran other quests (quite a few), then decided to go back later for one more try, and it resolved itself. So, not sure how it fixed itself.

I assume, to reproduce the bug, you’d kill all the “Bretheren” and then immediately ALT-F4 to crash the client.

Could be saved in prevplayer.log as well. (35.9 KB)

Well, I have no idea, but here it is.

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