Alpine Guide (extra avalanche boulder) not working

My avalanche does not spawn an additional boulder on crit.

Steps to test and reproduce problem:
Running a channel avalanche build so the test is simple;

  1. click once to summon a boulder (2 boulders drop on a single click with the 20% frequency node).
  2. Attack mobs or training dummy
  3. Remember, single click = 2 boulders.

With a single cast:
1 crit, no 3rd boulder.
2 crit, no 3rd or 4th boulder.

Every avalanche build I’ve seen runs this node, however I think people are playing a brain dead fire-and-forget avalanche build where it’s easy to not even notice additional boulders with all the dmg numbers flying about.

Actually, it seems the bug is that a boulder doesn’t need to crit to be able to cast an additional boulder. So if you have 3 points in Alpine Guide, you’re guaranteed to get a recast. Without Alpine Guide, you should see only 1 boulder if you just tap the button.

So still definitely bugged, but in your favor :wink:

Interesting. Then the ability is severely lacking in damage as I’m struggling to push past 10-15 monolith and can’t push past wave 60 in the arena. I have 100% gb and 70% dr across the board, i feel like primalist is severely lacking in scaling. I have over 150 flat adaptive spell and over 800% damage toward my spell, why am I only hitting 1-2k whereas other classes are reaching in the tens of thousands with similar spammable abilities, some builds even cracking a million dps?

I’m sorry to say, but this just turned me off from my druid and shaman indefinitely.

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