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Alpha patch 0.5.4

In game bugs, i apology in advance for my bad english (not native).

  1. mouse over mob no show health most of the time.

  2. quest - non picked, picked and completed shows the same ! icon/color.

  3. stash (the council chambers), when you open it, lags as hell until shows all the items are loaded, takes a few seconds (only 2 tabs).

  4. stash bug, cant select others tabs, 1 is full 2 half full and im stuck at 2, cant select others (0.5.3 worked fine).

  5. low fps at the council chambers, rest of the zone inclunding the armory fine so far.

  6. make the overlay map moveable with keys, not static :stuck_out_tongue:

  7. maybe do clickable portal to the other map instead of proximity, some time mobs are near the gate/portal and you get transported to the other map while fighting.

  8. buff indicator?

Thanks for the reports.

Please do try to post one thread per issue in future. :slight_smile:

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