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Alpha Packs: What you need to know

We will be releasing our alpha supporter packs on August 21st alongside Alpha, but in the meantime, I will be addressing some of the feedback we have received about these packs, and giving some more insight into our thought process for designing these packs.

These packs are primarily oriented towards new players getting access to Alpha (and in future Beta), and for that reason, we are doing fewer supporter tiers and fewer of them are high-end packs. We feel it is still important to include some of the higher end packs with the opportunity to design content because these provide a strong way for players to have a permanent impact on the game, and we don’t want to limit that opportunity exclusively to those who were able to back at that level during Kickstarter.

These are the only packs that will be released during our alpha, which is currently scheduled to end in April 2019. We are releasing these packs now so players who were not able to back during Kickstarter can play for the whole duration of Alpha. These supporter packs include new content because Kickstarter included a lot of exclusive content, and we want to provide high-quality rewards for new people who back the game. We will be prioritizing working on any design rewards from Kickstarter before those from Alpha, and both ranges of cosmetics will be implemented once we have the cosmetics system created.

The funds we received from Kickstarter will absolutely be enough to get Last Epoch to launch, but having access to more funds means that we can improve the content we have planned, include more content, and ensure that we are able to remain on schedule. Our goal is for Last Epoch to be the best experience it can be for as many people as possible, and we believe this is the best way to achieve that goal. Thank you for your support, and let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks for sharing the thought process and addressing some of the questions I’ve raised earlier. :slight_smile: I am not the biggest fan of seeing new packs released so soon but I guess I can appreciate the intention and indeed more funds for LE is always good.

Here’s wishing that these packs will bring in much funding and secure LE’s success :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for this info. Putting launch day on my gaming calendar and looking forward to Alpha.

I understand the desire of Kickstarter patrons to have some exclusivity, but there may be other players like me, who didn’t hear about LE during its Kickstarter campaign and have since become aware of the game and are interested in supporting it. So I’m glad to have the opportunity to join in, which I would not have were alpha packs not being offered.

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Thanks, I recently became more aware of Last Epoch and I am happy for the option to get into Alpha. Looking forward to it.
You mentioned “alpha, which will last about one year”, does this mean Alpha is planned to run until approx. August 2019? Or is closed beta still scheduled for April 2019?

This is a good point. I think the original timeline was indeed for Apr 2019. In which case, Alpha would only be for 7 - 8 months.

Alpha is still scheduled for April 2019. I was thinking of now until April as most of a year, but that wasn’t very clear from the wording. I have edited the post accordingly

Just excited to play more of the game, not too worried about one pack over another, for my part at least. Looking forward to more news and updates. Would be awesome to see some teaser videos, art or screenshots, systems updates - anything cool :slight_smile: