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Alpha bugs

My first time posting here - sorry if this is the wrong subforum.

In the Last Archive, my character suddenly went blind. Before that, the light went out and back on again, and dimmed a few times. I’d assumed it was a clever way to show how unreliable the lantern lighting was. :slight_smile: I must admit that fighting enemies while blind is an interesting curse and makes for fascinating gameplay, but when I couldn’t fix it (toggline menus on and off again, etc), I had to exit and reload the game.

In the Precipice level, the mini-map stopped working entirely. My mage still ran and fought, but I couldn’t see the mini-map’s outline at all.

Aside from that, though, I’m digging the new plot and the graphics! :slight_smile:

P.S.: by “blind” I mean the screen went completely black. The only things I could see were the special effects from my spells and the damage hp flying away from the enemies.

I had this exact experience last night as well. Had used a portal back to town and town was black…had to ctrl/alt/delete to restart everything. I7-67oo, GTX 1070 and 16gig ram FYI. Was also playing a Necromancer at the time. Been at it on another character this morning for over an hour and no issues.


Same “blind” situation in Arena, in the middle of a wave.

Another bug: I was in the Sheltered Wood, teleported to safety, then teleported back - and ended up behind the level boundary. There was a huge and empty expanse of empty ground, and when I finally reached a wooden fence, I could kill the enemies behind it but couldn’t get back to the actual level. I tried teleporting back to town and back to the map, but I ended up in the middle of nowhere (literally haha) again.

(If you guys want to get my session data to review the bug, go ahead.)