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Alpha - Beta - Steam

Curious if I bought the Alpha supporter pack ($50)
Can I launch this through steam?
Am I able to get the beta through Steam? (With the on site Alpha supporter pack)
Should I wait for beta release, and go from there?

Ultimately I want this through steam from the ground up.
Any advice appreciated. :slight_smile:

You will be able to link to steam, and get beta access, with the current alpha packs :slight_smile:

I did buy the Ancient Champion Supporter how do i claim the items? pets points ect.

Cosmetic points aren’t implemented yet. You can find your pets by pressing β€œK” in game. But from what I last know, support may still be in the process of distributing pet rewards so it make take awhile before you see your pets.

You can launch it though steam but you need to wait for steam beta to start and link forum and steam accounts for it to be possible.

Note only buy the alpha pack if you want the extras listed for it (turtles and other pack exclusives). Note beta packs come with Skullen which are exclusive to those packs.

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