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Alpha begins August 21st!

Eleventh Hour Games are excited to announce that our first alpha release will be on the 21st of August!

The alpha will be different from the pre-alpha demos in that;

  • The zones included will be part of the finished game. They are larger and less linear.
  • There are more enemies available. Expect us to continue adding more over time!
  • An overhaul of the passive system.
  • The soundtrack has been expanded with new, never heard before tracks.
  • Enemies, skills, and items have been rebalanced.
  • The game now looks better, in addition to having higher framerates on most systems.
  • We have increased the number of settings to adjust the quality of the game's graphics.
  • The alpha is supported by a launcher, which performs in-place updates.
  • Characters will now typically persist across game versions (there will be exceptions).
  • Many skills have new or improved visual effects.
  • Many skills have new or improved sound effects.
  • Corrected the game sometimes using the wrong font in certain circumstances.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

The above is a recap of what we’ve announced thus far. We haven’t announced the new arena, so I didn’t include that in the list. Obviously it would be inappropriate to mention that before it had officially been announced!


Fingers crossed for some info on the system changes in the weekly! Thanks for the update!

Nevermind. Found my answer by looking at other sources.

Carry on. All is well.

I can confirm it’ll be possible to buy into the alpha.

We’ll have more information on this very soon!

[quote quote=9306]

Swifted wrote:
Are there going to be purchase packs available to gain access to the Alpha?
I can confirm it’ll be possible to buy into the alpha.

We’ll have more information on this very soon![/quote]

Thank you, I had just found the answer to this when you had responded!

Can’t wait to try the first alpha!

So excited!

Cant wait to play and experience all the new improvements.

Didn’t get in on Kickstarter, so hoping to see Alpha supporter available soon. Played the demo quite a bit and really enjoyed it.
Also, extremely glad to see that Last Epoch and Path of Exile are BFFs, because PoE’s Delve league launches August 31.
Conflicts are so . . . conflicting.

You won’t be disappointed!

Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the game so far!

MacOS support for the alpha? Or any info on MacOS eta in general?

The Mac client is now stable and we’re working on fixing various graphical issues. It will definitely be released during the alpha. I can’t yet say whether it’ll be ready in time for the first alpha build. Sorry.

If things are coming along then it is all good, looking forward to it.

Hi everyone. I have been looking forward to playing for some time now. My older computer barely ran the demo, but what I saw I enjoyed and can’t wait to see Alpha on my new computer.

Sorry to hear about the issues you had!

We’re working hard to optimize the alpha (and provide more graphical settings).

Any info on the changes to the passive system?

Im waiting for this :smiley:

Waiting on buying into the Alpha, will the update be posted in this thread? Thanks!

Have you seen our most recent Developer Blog?

Awesome thanks Sarno, sounds great looking forward to it!


I will be streaming this for sure!!!