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Alpha Access rejection :(

I purchased the Elder package during the Kickstarter campaign but the launcher does not recognize this and won’t let me play :frowning: I have emailed support but trying to up my chances of getting this resolved soon lol :slight_smile:

We’re very sorry about this! We’re preparing to deploy a hotfix for this issue.

I’ve posted about this here.

I am up for the alpha…got the link…download and used their zip program. unzipped it… launched the launcher…got error message…not clue what to do now…would lve to have an easier way to play the game. Any suggestions on what to use to unzip it? cause the only choices I get is ZIP EXTRACTOR. Doesm’t recognize winzip or anything else… any helkp would be awesome…

What does it say?


We typically recommend either the built-in support Windows 10 offers, or 7-Zip if that isn’t available;