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Alpha Patch Notes


  • Adjusted xp scaling and requirements. Skills now level faster than they did in 0.6.1.
  • Reduced health of enemies at high levels.
  • Reduced the damage of slams from Ravenous Voidforms.
  • Increased the damage of Voidfused Earths.
  • Improved placement of the shop in the Desert Arena.
  • Jahith Bears no longer spawn in the arena.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Void Knight’s crit multi per level in Void Knight node was adding 100% crit multi per level rather than 1% crit multi per level.
  • Fixed ailment vfx being displayed at the wrong height for Voidfused Earths.

This patch should round off the critical fixes for 0.6.1. Make sure to read the patch notes for 0.6.1 if you haven’t already!


Thanks hacka!


Sexy:) Sounds like you guys really listened to my post! haha. Maybe you were gonna do it anyways though but I like to make everything about me;)

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Thank you for the skill leveling change. This was sorely needed for when players wanted to try out a new skill, it was better to just start a new character than level up a skill.

Looks like I’ll be staying even further away from Voidfused Earths!

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Yay! Great new changes! No more hiding behind my wolves when I’m in arena :3

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I got to arena level 115 and it-s getting harder and harder to kill the bosses … I-m playing a beastmaster. The thing is that i am wondering if there are any UNIQUE items or SETS… I have not found any yet :frowning:

There are both uniques and sets, unfortunately it sounds like you’ve been unlucky! The arena does scale up over time.