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Alpha 0.5.3 Patch Notes


  • Implemented Orb Walking (method of animation cancelling)
    • You can now move sooner after using most abilities
    • This does not affect the rate at which you can use abilities
    • This means that you can attack at full speed while also moving slightly between attacks
  • Pressing A while mousing close to an enemy now commands your minions to prioritise attacking it


  • Greatly improved the performance of the AI, especially for during combat, before aggro, and on enemies with multiple abilities
  • Improved performance of Meteor
  • Improved performance of damage numbers
  • Improved the performance of ignite
  • Improved the performance of effects that scale based on the size of the object (ailments, Rampancy, etc)
  • Fixed a small memory leak caused by item drop sounds

Level Design

  • Implemented the first half of Chapter 2
    • Includes 4 levels: The Surface, The Forsaken Trail, The Ruins of Welryn and The Shattered Valley
    • These levels look quite different than the previous ones, particularly in how large and open parts are.
    • Has several new types of enemies, which also appear in the Arena


  • Improved comparison tooltips
    • Implicits and affixes that have the same properties are not considered together
    • Positive changes are now always listed above negative ones
    • When a stat being reduced is a positive change (like subtracted mana cost) it is now correctly displayed as a positive
    • Fixed bugs related to comparisons failing to recognize tags
    • Fixed comparisons sometimes having a lot of decimals (ex. 7.000001%)
  • Minion stats now have their own tab in the character sheet
  • Added many damage related stats to the minion stats tab
  • Added entries to the character sheet for increased stun chance, increased melee stun chance, and mana efficiency
  • The world map now has a tab for each chapter
  • A visual effect is now displayed over the player when stunned


  • It is no longer possible for the Omen of Silence to drop fewer than 5 items (it used to have a low chance of dropping as few as one or two items)
  • Enemies created by the Fractured and Guarded prefixes can no longer drop items
  • Voidfused Armour now spawn in the Arena
  • Voidforms and Void Maggots now have 50% less chance to stun with melee attacks
  • Void Leeches now have 30% less chance to stun
  • Umbral Pursuers now use the correct charge animation and have Shield Rush style particles for their charges


  • Added a health gained on kill suffix for melee weapons other than wands
  • Added a mana efficiency suffix for wands
  • Added an increased cooldown recovery speed prefix for helmets
  • Added a hybrid flat stun avoidance and increased stun avoidance prefix for amulets
  • The stun avoidance suffix can now spawn on rings
  • Adjusted how item drop numbers are calculated
  • Adjusted flat melee damage prefix values


  • Skeleton archers now use a more appropriate attack sound
  • Added a sound that plays when the player is stunned


  • Updated visual effects for Tornado, Volcanic Orb and Wandering Spirits
  • Minions now move at different speeds in different situations
    • 25% faster in combat
    • 25% faster when following if they are further than 8 meters from the player
    • 56.25% faster when following if they are further than 25 meters from the player
  • Aura of Decay now poisons nearby enemies three times a second (up from twice a second)
  • Abyssal Juggernaut node for Devouring Orb
    • Now correctly adds 15 elemental and void protection per point as state instead of 12 per point
    • Now increases protection by 15% per point (down from 20%)
    • Now has a capacity of 6 (down from 7)
  • Added a tree for Hungering Souls, including:
    • Nodes that add additional projectiles
    • A node to cast Hungering Souls when you are hit
    • Nodes that synergize with minions
    • And more!
  • Added Lunge, a new skill for the Knight: Dash to a nearby enemy and strike it with your weapon. Cannot be used without a target.
    • This is an early concept, let us know how it feels to use!
  • Added an increased area node for Meteor
  • The blood orb from Rip Blood now heals you for 10 health (up from 7)
  • Summon Wolf
    • Wolves now sometimes flee when reduced to low health, and then rejoin the fight after a few seconds.
    • Wolves now move at different speeds in different situations
      • 30% faster in combat
      • 2.5% slower when following at close range to the player
      • 30% faster when following if they end up further than 8 meters away
      • 62.5% faster when following if they end up further than 25 meters away
  • Halved the delay before spinning starts for Tempest
  • Reworked Volcanic Orb
    • Now costs 70, down from 80
    • Now fires single projectiles at a time, with the target angle rotating with each projectile. Overall this results in 55% less shrapnel
    • Each piece of shrapnel deals much more damage, moves faster and lasts longer
    • Half the velocity of the Volcanic Orb is passed on to the shrapnel, so the shrapnel’s movement looks more natural
    • Now has a final shrapnel explosion at the end of its duration
    • The Volcanic Orb itself lasts 10% longer, but moves slower
    • Added multiple new nodes
    • Volatile Emission now grants 5% increased shrapnel projectile speed per point (down from 25%), but also increases shrapnel frequency by 5% per point
    • Piercing Embers no longer increases shrapnel projectile speed
    • Explosive Ground now increases mana cost by 50% (up from 30%)
  • Added a tree for Wandering Spirits, including:
    • A node that causes Spirits to inflict fear, making enemies run away
    • A node that adds a poison spit attack
    • And more!
  • Clarified in Wandering Spirit’s tooltip that the skill scales with minion damage but spirits do not count as minions

Bug Fixes

  • Implemented yet another possible damage number fix
  • Fixed the description of the Steadfast Companions node on the Summon Wolf tree
  • Fixed a bug where the Summon Wolf node allowing wolfs to jump with you wasn’t working
  • Fixed a bug where the Wraith Bringer node on the Summon Wraith tree was granting 70% increased cast speed per point instead of 7%
  • Fixed an issue with node loading in the Beastmaster mastery tree and the Summon Spriggan, Ice Ward and Volcanic Orb skill trees
  • Fixed a bug where the Necromancer’s Cursed Blood passive wasn’t working
  • Fixed a bug where implicits with no tags would have two spaces before the property in the tooltip (e.g. "adds 20 armour")
  • Fixed the Stun Avoidance on Potion Use prefix still saying "tenacity"
  • Fixed item implicits and the Quick Stats panel referring to stun avoidance as tenacity
  • Fixed the wording on the tooltip of the Beast King unique axe
  • Fixed a bug where Twinned enemies’ attack timings were often incorrect
  • Fixed a bug where Twinned enemies moved much faster than intended
  • Fixed Void Touched Scholars having hit boxes that were significantly wider than their models
  • Fixed the damaging area from the last hit of the Omen of Silence’s melee attack persisting for 10 seconds after the attack finished
  • Fixed some walls disappearing in The Upper District in some situations
  • Fixed a large portion of the Precipice’s minimap being invisible


So chapters are called “A”, “B”, “C”, etc now instead of 1,2,3,etc?

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Time for a video


great news :slight_smile:

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When does this patch come out?

This patch was released yesterday.

The Launcher should detect it and begin downloading it the next time you run it.

Ohh I keep just running the game.exe, but never used the launcher to update it.