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Alpha Patch Notes

Hey, patch notes on a new forum! How about that? We’ve got some more bug fixes, and a couple extra tweaks that we’ve made in the mean time.


  • Increased unique drop rate by 30%
  • Slightly reduced the average number of affixes on early game items, and slightly increased the average number of affixes on late game items
  • Monsters drop items 12.5% less often
  • Monsters drop gold 27% more often
  • When monsters drop gold they on average drop 8% less.This results in 16% more gold from monsters on average


  • Myrcfeet now have randomized mushrooms


  • Weapons now correctly show their range on their tooltips again when you hold alt


  • Improved the performance of applying the shock ailment
  • Improved the performance of applying multiple ailments with a single hit
  • Improved performance in cases where a single ability object or status ailment dealt damage multiple times
  • Improved the performance of the AI finding suitable targets. This will particularly increase the performance of enemies and minions that have multiple abilities.


  • Devouring Orb
    • Dark Torrent now has a capacity of 9 points (up from 3)
    • Added Abyssal Juggernaut, which grants you 12 additional elemental and void protection, and 20% increased elemental and void protection while you have a devouring orb
    • The orbs from Abyssal Emission seek targets from 50% further away than before, and always start from the devouring orb itself
  • Elemental Nova
    • Added Cryomantic Fragility which subtracts 2 mana cost per point, but increases the cold damage you take by 5% per point if you have used Elemental Nova in the past 4 seconds. It requires 2 points in elemental tranquillity and has a capacity of 4 points
    • Shocking Nova, which granted shock chance and mana efficiency, has been replaced by Overcharge, which grants an 8% chance per point to overcharge your nova. Overcharged novas have 200% additional shock chance and 50% increased area.
    • Ascended Current now grants 50% increased shock effect on hit per point (up from 25%), but requires 4 points in Overcharge (up from 3 in Shocking Nova)
    • Spreading Frost now grants 12% chance to trigger spreading ice novas on hit (up from 10%), but has a capacity of 4 points (down from 5), and requires 3 points in Glacial Might, rather than Elemental Tranquility.
    • Glacial Might now adds 2 to mana cost per point instead of increasing mana cost by 20% per point
  • Improved the VFX for thorn burst and thorn totem

Bug Fixes

  • Implemented another possible fix for damage numbers
  • Fixed a serious bug with "stats with a totem", "stats per totem", and "stats per minion" from passives which resulted in stat reductions that persisted until log out
  • Fixed a bug where kills from status effects weren’t triggering the correct events
  • Fixed spear attacks looking like you were hitting about 20 degrees too far to the right compared to where you were clicking
  • Fixed ally health bars displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where Hollow Orb on the Devouring Orb tree disabled your void rifts instead of preventing them from growing