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Alpha Patch Notes

Well it seems like the dust has settled following the new content patch… In this patch we’ve fixed the bug that was causing enemies to stop spawning in the arena, as well as some other tweaks.



  • Reworked how negative tenacity works to be consistent with how negative protections work. If X tenacity would reduce your chance to be stunned by Y%, then -X tenacity will increase your chance to be stunned by Y%
  • Sceptres can now have the increased elemental damage prefix
Level Design
  • Elder Erza’s portal is now aligned better
  • Fireball
    • Converted sources of increased mana cost to added mana cost instead
    • Flame Thrower now reduces damage by 25% (down from 50%)
    • Mana Sphere now subtracts 1 from mana cost per point (instead of granting 28% mana efficiency)
    • Mana Sphere now requires 2 points in Incinerate (up from 1)
  • Lightning Blast
    • Increased base damage by 5%
    • No longer chains while you are out of mana
    • Crackling Speed now increased cast speed by 5% (down from 6%) but has a maximum of 6 points (up from 5)
    • Blinding Light now requires 4 points in Crackling Speed (up from 3)
    • Innate Conduit now only sets the mana cost to zero when you are out of mana and only applies a damage penalty while you are out of mana. The penalty is now 15% (down from 25%)
    • Chain Lightning now adds 2 to mana cost, instead of increasing it by 50%
    • Temporal Chains has been renamed to Volatile Lightning
    • Volatile Lightning now gives a chance to shock yourself rather than reducing your cast speed (and still adds an additional chain)
    • Added a node behind Initial Blast that increases damage dealt to the first enemy you hit and subtracts 1 mana cost per point
    • Adjusted connections
  • Thorn Burst
    • Added a node to instantly cast thorn shield in exchange for adding a cooldown
    • Added a node for increased cooldown recovery, and thorn shield adds poison protection
    • Added a node for thorn shield to add additional armour
    • Added a node to subtract from mana cost
    • Added a node for increased damage and chance to retaliate if you control at least two totems
    • Reworked node connections
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused no enemies to spawn sometime around wave 160 due to incorrect enemy density scaling
  • Fixed a bug where lock nodes would sometimes add only one mastery point instead of 5
  • Fixed a bug where the player could get stuck with teleport
  • Made it harder to accidentally double teleport
  • Increased the range of acceptable locations for enemies to spawn in the arena, this should alleviate issues of the arena getting stuck due to try to spawn too many enemies in the same place
  • Fixed a typo in Draalsting’s description