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Alpha Patch Notes

Here’s another bug and balance pass patch! Thanks everyone for helping us find issues, it’s been great to see everyone’s experience with the Alpha.



  • Improved unique art for Death Rattle, Decayed Skull, Doublet of Onos Tull, Snowblind, The Falcon, Tome of Elements (this was mistakenly listed for 0.5.0)
  • Glancing blow affixes can now be put on belts

Level Design

  • Re-enabled the ice center of the Tundra Arena
  • Added a training dummy to Council Chambers


  • Renamed Colour Grading Exposure to Brightness and moved it higher in the options. This is technically incorrect, but changing this setting will make levels clearer for some users.
  • You can now move with chat open


  • Vengeance now reduces damage of hits that you riposte by 30%


  • Significantly reduced the damage of most minions, especially melee ones, to bring them more in line with other skills (which were nerfed since pre-alpha)
  • Adjusted xp required for levels to counteract the 0 xp bug (see below)
  • Slight increase to totem and skeleton health
  • Nerfed Rip Blood’s base damage
  • Increased cost of Marrow Shards
  • Nerfed percent chance of glancing blow granted by affixes

Bug Fixes

  • Temporarily disabled Screen Space Reflections as it was causing a serious memory leak. This is a Unity bug-- we will re-enable them when an update is released
  • Fixed some cases of chat blocking other windows and movement
  • Fixed a bug where if an enemy would give 0 xp it would give xp equal to its maximum health
  • Fixed a bug where claw totems were dealing much less damage that intended
  • Fixed vendor and stash being stuck in walls on arena levels
  • Disabled plant objects in the Forest Arena that were causing issues
  • Fixed a null reference
  • Fixed being able to go above your maximum mana
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Thanks for setting expectations to see a new patch every 12 hourly :wink:

“Fixed being able to go above your maximum mana”

As in over the positive maximum or above total maximum? (If that makes any sense)
Still not sure if you’re supposed to be able to drop below 0. Is there a regeneration penalty for going below or just not intended?
Ability usage is blocked until I go over 0 again.

Going below 0 mana is working as intended, at least from what I read before.

It was something along the lines of they hated the fact in other games you were effectively unable to do anything if you had some mana but not enough to cast a spell/skill, by still letting you use a skill but going in to negative mana it removed that “feeling”.

now THAT’S an agile sprint :slight_smile: