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Alluvion use/Class TheoryCrafting

I am trying to find a good build to use this sword for. I have gotten a pretty good roll from the Monolith of Fate and I want to make use of it. The only class and mastery I can think of that would go well with is Primalist/Shaman. I want to use the proc of the sword to do damage. Since Shaman is both cold/attunement/intelligence/spell. I am trying to find what skills I should use to build around it. I was thinking of fury leap to proc the hit. Beyond that I really dont know what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Here’s a random theorycraft I built but never rolled up (yet).

It looks interesting. How would the skill rotation work?

Its mostly a Tempest Strike build, and you drop totem + Warcry on tough fights/bosses for super speed + crit.

Ok thanks. I will look into this. I have all uniques minus the amulet.

Amulet isn’t required, just a nice-to-have. I think you might get better damage from just an exalted Silver amulet.

Ok awesome thanks

I briefly considered it for laughs on melee Lich, since Harvest can convert all added damage to Necrotic. Highly doubt it does anything though.

That would be interesting concept to use

Hey there… I brought up this exact question quite a while ago…

It never really panned out as other weapon options always trumped its use , but who knows, maybe the old discussions could help revive something… Its a damn shame considering how cool the weapon seems at first glance…

ps… Havent checked myself if the new patches since then have buffed it…

Just want to add an unimportant but maybe interesting gimmick:

If you setup your leap the right way (trajectory and the correct distance) you can make it that when the leap triggers the wave, it looks like the Primalist is surfing on the wave.


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Cowabunga Dudes…


While thematically it’ s super stupid it does work very well, if you wanna do that.

With Reaper Form and Death Seal you can easily reach 1000+% Global Damage, so even the triggered wave will get scaled.

When I did a build back a few patches ago, I used a Tempest Strike Shaman, which now should work even better, since they changes Tempest Strike to gain Penetration based on attack speed.

Since Alluvion is a 2-Handed Sword it has a decent base attack speed (Weapon Attack Rate is multiplicative).

So stacking some attack speed is actually pretty impactful.

But since the wave does scale with Int and Attunement you could obviously also play it on a spellblade.

Here’s a kinda dumb idea I had while messing around in lastepochtools earlier (before shark stacking cap) : Beastmaster, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3d) - Last Epoch Build Planner

No idea if its a valid concept but maybe someone who’s played more Alluvion/beastmaster would know if it looks ok ? I haven’t even tried Primalist yet lol.

Thanks everyone for the advice. I will look into all the ideas.

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