Alluvion Tidal Wave

Alright so this might not be a bug. But i would be very surprised if it isnt. So here is the deal. Alluvion comes with 55 spell adaptive damage and the tidal wave deals only around 100 dmg. with crits at 300. That simply makes 0 sense to me. Granted i was testing this on sentinel with very little to none upgrades to spell or cold damage. But still ??? Even if i assume that i have 200% spell damage and 200% cold damage… that makes this do around 600-1800 dmg at most ? with HEAVY investments ? that simply seems extremely low for such unique that should be build defining and that is if the % increase works how i think it does. 200% should be triple damage but it can be double damage as well because i saw somewhere that the percentages in this game are a bit differently taken. Other than that i was dissapointed in the regular sword look but thats fine its probably gona get changed eventualy.

Now there are couple of other things that would be good. For example the sword could glow when the passive is ready or there could be a buff incon or something but thats not the most important thing either. I just feel like the damage should be heavily buffed (fixed) or shift the power to something usefull at least. For example make it deal 50k dmg but 10s cd or so. Now if you scale that you get insane numbers but the dps will be still okayish. W/E really i dunno how to fix it completely to not break the game but right now it definitely is utterly bad. I honestly believe it just doesnt benefit from that adaptive spell damage on the sword itself.

PS: it should be also mentioned i tested these numbers on a dummy. So for real creeps its basicaly doing 0 dmg at all.

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Did some more test a bit. As i said. It is utterly garbage. at 180%cold damage and 11% cold pene i was doing about 250 and the highest crit was like 750 or so. thats also with 2s cd and on a dummy. Literaly bugged or straight up unbelievable values for such high lvl 2H unique blade.

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Hey there… we had a discussion on the forums some months ago specifically about the Alluvion…(You can search the forums if you want to read it)…

If I recall the end result was 1) We all wished it worked better 2) various builds tried to use it - Spellblade, Primalists etc - but it simply wasnt as good as a crafted equivalent and 3) the Tidal Wave is is virtually useless - as you have found… it does virtually no damage and doesnt reliably proc any aliment that may have made it better…

Would be great if if could get some love…

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