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Allowing pc to replace LMB

Given the isometric camera, I understand having LMB assigned to pathing, but even if you change the default key binding of “walk” and remove LMB from the default keybind you still cannot change LMB on the skill bar. You can add, say space bar or wheel and use those inputs to walk, but currently, there is no option to set the 6th slot as an ability on the skillbar.

I’m not sure why it would be an issue. You can only gather EXP on 5 skills at a time, so I don’t see any balance issues. Specifically, playing as an acolyte, I feel really pigeonholed into utilizing Marked for Death (which feels absolutely required regardless of how you building the class and not having any nodes attached to it atm) over Transplant. I feel like the other classes have less competition for utility skills (in alpha), but still I think basic mobility should be baseline.

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