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Allow to use Eterra's Blessing on companion icons

When having several companions, it would be much easier to heal and buff them by clicking directly on their icons, as their health is displayed there. Finding your companion in the crowd of enemies or under huge boss model can be hard.
Similar thing was implemented in Diablo 2 to heal companion by dropping potion on his icon and it was great.

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If i remeber correctly the devs would like to do that at some point, but the tech for that is simply not in the game atm.

Can’t find a source atm sorry.

But i am sure we will get something similar at some point.

I concur 100%.

My Primalist has 3 wolves and it’s extremely difficult to pick one of them out in a mass of enemies. It’s a little easier with the Storm Crows since they don’t move around much.

I figured that Eterra’s Blessing was more the self-heal + single companion skill while Healing Wind + Entangling Roots was the multi-companion heal.

I wonder if a skill tree for Healing Wind has been thought out yet, or is that something for later on after the 8.3 updates are done (or even after that, if the other missing classes are taking higher priority).