Allow "Summon Bone Golem" upgrade "Blood Golem" to use summoner's "Rip Blood" specialization

Per the title, I’d love it if my Blood Golem used my upgraded “Rip Blood”, instead of just the basic version.

The Mage spell “Teleport” using the specialization tree for the caster’s “Elemental Nova” establishes precedence for this kind of interaction.

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There are far more precedences for it buuuuut… Your golem is casting a spell not you so why should the golem… your puny minion should have the same spell as you? He’s just a summoned punching bag.
For example the swipe attack of BMs Sabetrooth isn’t using the Swipe skill of the BM or when he skils that pets leap with him in his leap tree they don’t magicly benefit from all the dmg sources I skilled outside of ally buffing skill nodes.

The idea is nice to have skillnodes like this to finetune your pet skills the way you want it to because they use skills like you skilled them to do dmg.

Not because there’s no synergy between sabertooth swipe and wolf leap that it shouldn’t be possible.

I mean, if you specialize rip blood to buff your minion, and the rip blood from blood golem would be the specialized version, your golem could keep the rip blood buff up for the melee minions arround them and use your golem as buffbot kinda.

Also, you’re a necromancer, you create monstrosity such as golem on fire spectral, etc, But having a blood golem cast a stronger spell since it doesn’t have more specialized like the fire or spectral one or bone one… is a bad thing? lol. You need to understand as well that if you want that to be efficient, you need to specialize into rip blood as well. Just for that “tiny little puny minion”

If you were to use swipe and leap and have Sabertooth and wolf gain that bonus, it would be great, if the investement into it is worth it. But again, It’s not because Necro could do it that BM or whatever else need to have the same synergie as well.

It would be a nice synergy though if your minions did use your skill trees where possible.

Because Golems are largely useless anything to make them usable is welcome, the Elemental Nova synergy with Teleport, Spark/Lightning Bolt and Transplant-Rip Blood is what this game needs more of

Incase you dont know you can have Transplant cast Rip Blood on use, which can cast it +3 times, if Rip Blood kills anything you can spec a skill that chain casts it again, Transplant can blow up 6 times so its a great nuke and the sole DPS I do on my Low life Lich - my whole build is based around that synergy

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