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Allow ivory twin bone golem node to summon double golems, or increase damage buff

As i understand it, having both twinned golems and ivory twin still only allows 2 golems, switching out one of the other types of golem for a bone one instead with a 10% damage boost to both. A 10% damage buff seems a bit measly for losing a pyre or blood golem. I suggest either removing the damage buff while allowing four golems (2 special and 2 bone), or increasing that damage buff to make losing a better golem more worthwhile. The buff would have to be quite high i think to more than make up the loss of a golem downgrade, at least 40%.

You tend to see this most often in the necro tree vs any others, sacrificing something about a minion to get like half the effectiveness for a wasted skill point. A very good example of this is Dread Phalanx. Loosing 50% of your minions for an 80% damage buff for the remaining and a 20% size buff is a massive net loss and a trap as you lose damage and you dont get any extra HP for the remaining minions.

Yeah i noticed that one also. Looks like a few nodes need buffing, probably for all classes. Seems like most of those are the one-pointers, and that the skill trees are not yet final. If they don’t want them to be too strong for just one point then that makes sense, but like you said some of the gains seem like less than the sacrifices.