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All these Pets in-game

When I open my Inventory I see this list with all these Pets.
I wonder… Will all these Pets perhaps be available wth time, or is all from different Kinds/Levels of Supporter Packs through the years? And the Ardent Versions is the ones that are only available right as of now. And that is it, and NONE of these Pets will ever be available to get hold of ever again.
Will there be available another and completely new Supporter Pack when Last Epoch will be close to official FULL Release?
And perhaps even a Unique and Special yearly set of Supporter Packs?

Most of them were either for the kickstarter packs, Alpha (Ancient …) or Beta (Ardent …) packs & I wouldn’t expect the earlier packs to make a comeback, which is a pity 'cause some of the earlier ones look way nicer than the ones we get for the current packs.

From my experience Supporter packs, founder pets, etc. are available for a specific timeframe. Then they are made unobtainable, to make people more convinced to help more often and help found the game on regular basis and also give something “unique” for people willing to do it.

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Yes, I too believe they are for their current time of Packs and unique to those Packages, and will not as you say, coming back. I hope we may be able to see some of them again in some sort of Package, but… .
I guess that may also means that the current Ardent ones will also go away then, when the game hit launch. And with launch there may will be a complete new Package(s). Anyway, time will tell, I guess.

Yes, that is what the devs have said.

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