All skills stop working

All my skills just stopped working while fighting mobs. Neither the skills on my right mouse button or QWER would work. When I portaled back to town they starting working again. Went back to area to fight and after a few minutes they stopped again. Second time this has happen in a span of 3 play sessions.

Player.log (105.8 KB)


Having the same problem. Has happened every time I have played in the past few days.

Same here: In Town the movement/attack skills highlight and the usual “can not do that right now” is audible. Also binding the mouse button/keyboard buttons in the menu works, but in all fighting environments only left mouse button for movement and buffs work, no attacks/spells/movement spells (33.1 KB)

Fixed it for me so far (done in the Echo of a World):

  1. Rebound all buttons
  2. Selected other skills in the bar for the affected ones
  3. Choose the original ones again

Which skills are you using until it all stops working?

For me it is happening on a Paladin (Online) with Smite and Lunge.
Happened again now, after changing Smite to another attack (Rive) and back to Smite it works again.
Player.log (727.1 KB)

So far only seems to be happening on sentinel. I just finished playing a sorcerer close to an hour, across 3 or 4 zones, including one boss and skills never failed. On my sentinel I was mostly using warpath and rebuke, with hammer throw, shield bash and vengeance also equipped and used sporadically. Has happened every time I have played sentinel within the last week.

Just logged in to play sentinel again and try leveling. Problem still exists. Maybe managed to play for about 30mins. Once again using warpath, rebuke with smith, shield bash and javelin. All skills stopped working while fighting a random group of mobs. Could not get them to start working again and character died.

Happened to me playing a Forge Guard (offline), using Warpath and Rebuke.

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