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All characters gone

Hi, it’s been maybe up to 6 months since I last played. All my characters, stash content everything appears to have been wiped clean. I am not sure if there was a wipe on beta or this is a problem on my account?

Hey there… Welcome to the forum…

There were no wipes…

All savegames (including stash) are stored locally on your machine (or in the Steam Cloud if you have that feature enabled and use Steam)… EHG doesnt have copies of any of your savegames etc.

If anything happened (like a reinstall or harddrive replacement etc) and you didnt backup the appropriate folders then your saves are gone and no-one can get them back for you.

If you use Steam Cloud and it had a problem, then there is no way to restore the files… You can check your cloud via a webbrowser via the Steam website to see if anything is in the cloud for LE.

Hello there and welcome back! Like Vapour outlines above - all data is stored locally which means we cannot help you to recover lost data.

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