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Alerted to unknown log in but I can't end the session

Hi, I was alerted via email that there was an unknown login with my account halfway around the world in Seattle, USA. I logged into the website here to end the sessions and changed my password. However, I could not end the latest unknown session and i kept getting the message that my session timed out. Please advise what I should do next.

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Same, did you get any other info? It still shows in my sessions log, and when I click log out, it logs myself out lol

Same here, today i was alerted via email too was an unknow login with my account from Seattle, USA. I too logged into the website and change password for really hard, and again today get this message on e-mail after changing password. Maybe you introduce some 2 step authorization?

Update: Today i log in into site from work, and again when i log in i recive that e-mail with that time, when i log in:

It’s system bug??? Why he thinks that I go with Seatle IP?

Nope i got nothing from their customer service regarding this. I haven’t got any more alerts, but I have a feeling that the server automatically puts me in Seattle when I login to the Last Epoch website(not using VPN here either).Because I am using my iphone to log in now and it says I’m logging in to the server via Safari and geotagged Seattle. When I use my PC it will say Chrome OS instead. Perhaps it’s some
bug on their end and not a case of our accounts being compromised. But still good to change your passwords.

I have had exactly the same thing happen. The “suspicious activity” corresponds with the times I am logged into the forums. If I kill the session it logs me out. It also lists the login as being from Seattle despite me being in the UK.

Currently have the same issue from NL good to see I’m not alone


This is a known bug that we hope to resolve sometime this week.

I am very sorry for any concern this has caused. We’re tracking the status of the problem in the following thread, and we will continue to post new information there as it becomes available;

Thanks for the update, Sarno.

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